A Bacca Foundation Grant enabled 15 Davidson College colleagues to travel to Cuba on an education-research trip from May 21-31, 2018. Locations included Havana, Viñales, Matanzas, Cienfuegos, and Playa Girón. You can view a pdf of the itinerary hereThe trip was just one part of a long-term commitment to interdisciplinary collaboration around the theme of Cuba. 

Angie Willis, Hispanic Studies
Helen Cho, Anthropology
Cara Evanson, Library
Amanda Ewington, Russian Studies
Sharon Green, Theatre
Matt Samson, Anthropology and Latin American Studies
Lola Santamaría, Hispanic Studies
Kevin Smith, Biology
Anne Wills, Religious Studies
Dan Layman, Philosophy
Susan Roberts, Political Science
Maggie McCarthy, German Studies
Dan Aldridge, History
Annie Merrill, Environmental Studies and English
Gerardo Marti, Sociology